Popping Poop Pill For Weight Loss 

Eat Poop To Lose Weight

There are many different ways to try and lose weight. You can select from one of the many diets that are out there or do daily exercise or just lead a more healthier lifestyle.

How far would you go though to try and lose weight? What extreme measures would you take? Would you consume someone else’s poop?  Yes, you read right. There are currently trials taking place where patients are taking pills that contain a small amount of fecal matter to see if it helps with weight loss.

Now I know some people think there are foods out there that already taste like poop, but actually taking poop in pill form, to lose weight, is interesting to say the least.

Read the article below and see if it is something you would do.

Poop pills for weight loss
Poop Pill – Flush with Water

It’s not the most pleasant treatment you can imagine, but there’s strong evidence that faeces is good for the microbiome environment inside our guts. Reports have shown that in some situations, poop pills are actually more effective than antibiotics, and now there’s some strong demand for healthy body waste if you’re interested in parting with some for a bit of cash.

The controlled, randomised trial starting this year will be run by researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Based on research that suggests bacteria from donor excrement can fight infections that have become rooted in the digestive system of the recipient, they’ll be testing if poop pills could be a viable treatment option for weight-loss in the future.

There’s a growing belief that this kind of treatment could help with weight-loss and various other metabolic disorders, but so far we only have a few animal studies and some anecdotal evidence in humans to go off. This new study should give us much more information about the potential of the humble poop pill.

It’s still early days for the field of microbiome analysis, but there have been some interesting studies carried out in the past. A 2013 study found that gut bacteria transplanted from human twins into mice had a direct effect on the animals’ weight – those given bacteria from the overweight twin also gained weight, while the other group maintained a healthy size.

Source: sciencealert