How to Get an Alkaline Body for Weight Loss and More Energy

First Steps to an Alkaline body

An Alkaline Diet can help with weight loss, improve digestion, your skin and your mood.

Alkaline foods are whole fruits and vegetables that are low in caloric density. These foods will help you find the balance between acidity and alkalinity.

The ph value is something you will here a lot about when on an Alkaline diet. This is a measure of how acidic or alkaline something is. A ph of 7 is neutral.

If this interests you then this article can help you get started on the road to achieving an Alkaline body.

alkaline vegetables


Five Steps to An Alkaline pH

Go Green

The most alkaline foods on earth are those that contain the richest amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients – and the foods at the top of that list are all leafy greens. In 2014, research published in the journal “Preventing Chronic Disease” listed the 41 most ‘powerhouse fruits and vegetables’, and the top 16 were all leafy green foods.


In my experience, the vast majority of people who are struggling with fatigue or who have ongoing health struggles are chronically dehydrated. Getting enough water each day is one of those ‘to-dos’ that we often forget, because it just seems so obvious.  But so few of us get enough. The general, mainstream recommendation is 8-glasses-a-day, and even though this is actually nowhere near enough, most people don’t even reach this daily milestone! The trick is to make it easy to remember, and to set goals.  Use alarms on your phone, leave reminder notes and set habits such as always having a glass of water when you get to your desk at work, having a glass when after you clean your teeth and so on.

Get Oiled

Getting enough omega oils, particularly omega 3 is critically important to so many bodily functions and processes.  Omega 3 is known as an ‘essential’ nutrient, because the body cannot manufacture it alone, it relies upon you to consume it! But so few people get enough. And nobody is to blame, it’s actually pretty hard to get enough through diet alone!  Even if you eat oily fish every day, you still wouldn’t be hitting your target. I recommend that everyone adds 2-3 tablespoons of omega 3 to their diet every day.

Cut Out Excessive Acids

I never recommend anyone tries to be perfect with the alkaline approach (or any healthy living approach) from day one.  It’s a surefire way to give up, fast. But I do recommend you start to transition away from your habitual strong acids as quickly as you can.   The worst offenders include soda, sugar, gluten-containing grains and processed meats. If you can start to cut these back, a little each day, then you will be going a long way towards helping your body maintain that pH balance. Again, you don’t have to give it all up at once, on day one.

Reduce Stress

Stress can have more of an impact on the body than any food or drink we consume. Finding a way to control stress is easier said than done, but if you’re truly committed to ongoing health and vibrant energy, you simply have to!  There are so many free or inexpensive meditation and stress-relief apps available now, and they are very easy to use. And on an even more basic level, a short walk, or some moderate exercise can do wonders.

Remember, getting alkaline is not about changing your body’s pH, it is about supporting your body to maintain it’s homeostasis, to keep itself working optimally.  And when you’re in balance, your body will thrive and you will look and feel sensational.