Ayurvedic Tips For Weight Loss

Indian ancient system of medicine helps with weight loss

Ayurvedic is a type of alternative medicine and said to be the sister science to yoga. Developed in India over 5000 years ago, this system promotes health and well being by your mind, body and spirit being in harmony with the universe.

The tips in this article focus on using Ayurvedic for weight loss. This is a more natural, stress free and healthy way to lose weight without having to resort to an extreme diet.
Do you have any of your own Ayurvedic weight loss tips?

Ayurvedic Tips for Weight loss
So as to bring down the body weight, or the Medha dhatu, it is regarded essential to practice daily exercise not only of the body, but also of the mind.

Many Yoga exercises have been specified for the purpose of easy weight loss. Also, there are deep breathing exercises, or Pranayama, which can be undertaken so as to accelerate your weight loss program.

The habit of sleeping in the daytime is to be discouraged.

Dry massages and enemas prove helpful for weight loss.

The weight loss dry massage technique which is called as Udvartana is an effective remedy for weight gain and obesity. It provides weight loss, tones the skin, removes cellulite, loosens fat molecules and eliminates them from the sub-cutaneous level and removes Kapha toxins from the body.

A glass of lukewarm water along with a few drops of lemon juice and half a teaspoon honey is to be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Mudra Therapy for Weight Loss
Surya Mudra is another effective therapy recommended in Yoga for weight loss. The ring finger is made to settle at the root of the thumb, with the thumb exerting a little pressure on the ring finger.

As this alignment tends to increase warmth in the body systems, it is generally recommended to be practiced for fifteen to twenty minutes daily.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss
Some Ayurvedic medicines and herbal medicinal formulations like Trifla churan, Mandoor bhasm, Swarnmakshik bhasm, guggulu and shilajit are available in the markets and can help in weight loss.
Medicinal formulations like Medhohar guggul or Triushanaadi loha are generally prescribed. These should be taken under a qualified Ayurvedic doctor’s supervision. These would mainly help in weight loss provided other diet and lifestyle measures for weight loss are followed.

Ayurvedic Diet for Weight loss
Food items sweet in taste should be decreased in daily diet schedule and at the same time intake of diet components containing pungent, astringent and bitter tastes should be encouraged.